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      Some of the Clients Served by Beijing YueCheng Law Firm as Legal Consul

      State Administration of cultural heritage

      Administration of Reeducation through Labor of Ministry of Justice

      Beijing Municipal Administration Committee

      Communication Technology Bureau of Xinhua News Agency

      China International Television Corporation

      China Int’l Web TV Station

      CCTV international network Co., Ltd.

      China Oriental Song& Dance Ensemble

      Transportation Publicity Committee of China Association of Broadcasting and Television

      Dairy Association of China

      China News Development Company

      Personnel Research Association of Ministry of Personnel

      Europe Business Development Investment Management Center

      China International Publishing Group

      Hisense Group

      China Daheng Group

      SINOPEC Sales Co., Ltd.

      SINOPEC Beijing Company

      Beijing Longyu (SINOPEC) Petroleum and Chemical Co., Ltd

      Shangdong Petroleum Corp. Group

      China Aerospace Science&Industry Corp.2. Research 206.bureau

      Beijing Calligrapher Association

      Association of Gas of Beijing Municipality

      Beijing Biaozhi Furniture Co.,Ltd

      Beijing Orient Parkson Furniture Co.,Ltd

      Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences

      Institution Service Center of State Administration of cultural heritage

      Red Cross Society of China Beijing Branch

      CCTV Future Advertising Company

      Beijing Jinyingma Culture and Media Co.,Ltd


      China Open Promotion Company Limited

      Beijing Chang An Jing Ya Restaurant Co.,Ltd

      Beijing Xiang E Qing Restaurant Co., Ltd

      Beijing Jingtianwei Technology&Development Co.

      Beijing Yanqihu Assets Co., Ltd

      Beijing Blue Shield Transportation Service Co., Ltd.

      Chongqing Longyu Petroleum Co., Ltd.

      Beijing Zhongshang Liyanghe River Liquor Sales Co., Ltd.

      Beijing Zhongrun Huawen Advertising Co., Ltd., Software and CD Magazine

      Hospital Aviation Industry Central Hospital

      Huaxia Cultural Media Co., Ltd.







      General Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of City Management of Beijing Municipality
      Law Enforcement Monitoring Brigade of City Management Supervision of Beijing Municipality
      Institute of Environmental & Health Design of Beijing Municipality
      Division of Embassy Cleaning & Transportation Administration of Beijing Municipality
      Division of Garbage and Dirt Administration of Beijing Municipality
      No. 65 Institute of Professional Skill Appraisal of Beijing Municipality
      Logistics and Service Center, Commission of Municipal Administration of Beijing Municipality
      Activity Station of Senior Cadres, Commission of Municipal Administration of Beijing Municipality
      Office of Economizing-on-Water of Beijing Municipality
      Station for Monitoring Public Projects , General Station of Building Project Quality Supervision of Beijing Municipality
      Station for Monitoring Municipal Project Quality of Beijing Municipality
      Training Center of Beijing Municipal Administration Committee

      People's Literature Magazine

      China’s Talents Magazine

      Medicine Media Weekly Magazine

      Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneur Magazine


      Farmer's Daily Publishing House

      China Population Publishing House

      Auto Family Magazine

      BEIJING MORNING POST Publishing House

      CANKAO XIAOXI Publishing House

      China Culture Pictorial publishing House

      China Co-operation Times·Tea Publishing House

      China Countryside Science & Technology Magazine

      China Monthly Economic Indicators Magazine

      People’s Medical Publishing House

      China Construction News Publishing House

      CHINA QUALITY DAILY Publishing House

      Rensheng (Life ) Magazine

      Beijing Zhongrun Huawen Advertising Co., Ltd., Software and CD Magazine

      Software&CD-Rom Magzine

      China Times Publishing House

      China Quality Survey Magazine

      CHINA BUSINESS Publishing House

      Science & Technology Information Magazine

      Beijing Time Magazine

      China Safe Production News Publishing House

      China daily Economic Indicators Magazine

      China International Media Publishing House, China Magazine

      Beijing Sci-tech Report

      Friend of Chemical Industry

      Bosom Friend Magazine

      Huanqiu (Globe) Magazine

      China Association of Interior Decoration

      China Gateway Times Publishing House

      Beijing TV's "Special Focus" program

      Beijing TV’s <the 7th day>program

      CCTV7’s “Homeland dating” program

      Beijing TV's "Humor Stars" program

      Cultural Relics Publishing House

      China International Publishing Group

      Foreign Languages Press

      New World Press

      Chinese Teaching Press

      Haitun Press

      China Pictorial Press

      Zhaohua Press

      New Star Press

      Beijing Review Periodical Agency Periodical Agency

      China Today Periodical Agency

      Little Readers Periodical Agency

      People's Pictorial Periodical Agency

      Clothing and Beauty Periodical Agency

      People's China Periodical Agency

      Big Weekend Periodical Agency

      China Report Periodical Agency

      English Corner Periodical Agency

      World Periodical Agency

      China Translation Periodical Agency

      International Communication Periodical Agency

      China Internet Information Center

      China International Book Trading Corporation

      Beijing Foreign Languages Printing House

      Esperanto Association of China

      Translators Association of China

      Union Medical Co.

      Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College

      Peking Union Medical College Hospital

      Fuwai Cardiovascular Disease Hospital

      Tumour Hospital

      Plastic Surgery Hospital

      Institute of Basic Medical Science

      Institute of Medicine

      Institute of Medical Biological Technology

      Institute of Medical Plants

      Institute of Medical Information

      Institute of Experimental Animal

      Beijing Tiantan Hospital

      Institute of Micro-circulation

      School of Nursing

      MPLAD Yunnan Branch

      Institute of Radioactive Medical Science

      Institute of Medical Biology

      Institute of Biomedical Engineering