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      BEIJING YUE CHENG LAW FIRM particular cases


        Selected Cases by Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm   Each year Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm handles about 700 cases of various types. Some of them had significant impact, including:

        Action Against Falun Gong Core Member Li Chang Concerning Undermining Law Enforcement Through Cult

        Action of Bribery Against Former Vice Governor of Hebei Province Cong Fukui

        Action Against State Cultural Relics Bureau in Dispute Concerning Salvaging Warship Zhiyuan Sunk During the 1894 Sino-Japanese Sea Warfare

        Dispute over Contract Involving Foreign Interests with Zhonggongmei International Cargo Agency Company

        Dispute over Bank Paper Involving Harbin Daoli Branch of Jiaotong Bank

        Dispute over Technology Contract Involving Shanxi Fenhe Pharmaceutical Factory

        Dispute over Loan Contract Involving Construction Bank of China

        Dispute over Contract Involving China Medical and Health Equipment Import & Export Company

        Imation (Hong kong) Company Dispute over Sales Contract Involving Yiminxin Company (Hong Kong)

        Dispute over Dongdan Multiple-function Building Real Estate Involving China Xiehe Medical University

        Dispute over Joint Venture and Co-operation Involving Hong Kong Xingping International Chemical Fiber and Wool Company

      Ufsoft Software Company v. Tuoyou Science and Trade Company Concerning Infringement of Trade Secretes

        Dispute over Deposit Brought by China Biweekly Comment Magazine Publishing House Against Tianjin Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

        Hong Kong Lunda Group v. Shenzhen Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs Concerning Dispute over Real Estate

        China Power Investment Company v. Huaxia Bank Concerning Enforcement

        Dispute over Real Estate Contract Involving Foreign Interests with Europe Business Development Investment Management Center

        Bridgestone (Shengyang) Tyre Co., Ltd. Dispute over Contract Involving

        Dispute over Contract Involving China State Forestry Corp.

        Dispute over Contract Involving Sinopec Beijing Oil Depot

      Hisense v. Haier for Unfair Competition

      Dispute over Port Construction Contract Involving Chaozhou Huafeng Group

        Emperor Qinshi Tourism Development Company v. China Cultural Relics News Concerning News Infringement

        Case of the Right of Reputation Involving Worker’s Daily

        Dispute over Patent Involving Beijing Youth Daily

        Case Concerning the Right of Reputation of Chen Yuanbin the Original Author of Qiuju Go to Court

        Case Concerning the Copyright of Xu Shuhua the Author of the Words of Song Liuyanghe River,

        Case Concerning the Copyright of Wusuli Boat Song Involving Guo Song

        Case Concerning the Right of Reputation of Well-known Singer Tian Zhen

        Case Concerning the Right of Reputation of Famous Comic-Dialogue Artist Jiang Kun

        Case Concerning the right to portrait and the Right of Reputation of CCTV “Telling the Truth” Program Host Cui Yongyuan