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      When I came to Beijing, it likes walking on thin ice. I was trembling and fear of a little problem. I always remind myself that man in his life must remember two points: the first is thanksgiving. Grateful heart should be exist eternally, looking at everything with grateful eyes, the world will be beautiful; the second is awe, being in awe. A person must have a fear of something. When a person is not afraid of anything, with my hometown words, it is not far from the ‘ZHAN BAO’ (means getting into trouble). We must remember the famous poem ‘God wants to destroy who, first let him crazy.’ I am afraid that I am crazy, so asked for a person to write a couplet ‘being in awe, strict self-discipline’, hanging in the office to introspection. Really, peace is blessing.
      ------- One of the first ‘10 National Best Lawyers’, Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm founder, Lawyer Yuecheng
      Lawyer Yue Cheng,the founder of Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm, party member of the Communist Party of China, a state first-class lawyer, Yue Fei's thirty-second generation descent
      Practicing as a lawyer is in 1980. During the three decades of his lawyer career, Yue Cheng handles over one thousand cases of various types.
      In 1994, he was selected as top of “Top ten outstanding lawyers in Heilongjiang Province”
      In 1995, he was selected as one of the first ‘10 National Best Lawyers’.
      In 1996, the establishment of Beijing headquarters achieve overflow of ‘entering country in 1976, entering province in 1986 and entering capital city in 1996 ’ .
      In 1998, he was found to be the best known lawyer in Beijing by a survey, which was conducted by Lingdian Survey Company entrusted by Beijing Justice Bureau.
      In 2001, CCTV broadcast a special report ‘Yue Cheng – One of the First ‘10 National Best Lawyers’’ at its ‘Eastern Space·the Son of the East’ program.
      In 2002, Beijing Justice Bureau granted him Outstanding Contribution Award of Criminal Defense.
      In 2005 and 2006, he was voted as one of the ten sincere talents in China.
      In 2006, he was voted as Beijing Evaluation Expert.
      In 2008, he was voted as 2007 Beijing Honor Taxpayer
      In 2009, he was voted as Top Ten Outstanding Lawyers Service Private Enterprises in China 
      In 2010, he was voted as Beijing Lawyer Industry Outstanding Party Members
      He was appointed as a part-time tutor for students of LLM by the Law Schools of Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University and as an adjunct professor by Jilin University, Heilongjiang University and China University of Political science and Law.
      In 1995 November, lawyer Yue Cheng was voted as the first ‘National Top Ten Lawyers’.
      On March 15th, 2002, Lawyer Yue Chengwon Outstanding Contribution Award of Criminal Defense by Beijing Justice Bureau.
      1999年12月26日,岳成律師為“法輪功”骨干分子李昌辯護(圖片為CCTV《新聞聯 播》報道)。
      On December 26th, 1999, Lawyer Yue Cheng defense for Li Chang, the key member of ‘Falungong’ (picture from CCTV news).
      2001年5月18日,中央電視臺《東方時空·東方之子》播出了“首屆全國十佳律師 ——岳成”的專題報道。
      On May 18th, 2001, CCTV ‘Oriental time and space& Oriental Son’ broadcasted ‘First National Top Ten Lawyers - Yue Cheng’ as special report.
      In 2005 and 2006, Lawyer Yue Cheng was voted as Ten Sincere Talents in China.
      On May 23th, 2008, lawyer Yue Cheng was voted as 2007 Beijing Honor Taxpayer.
      On June 28th, 2009, Lawyer Yue Cheng was voted as Top Ten Outstanding Lawyers Service Private Enterprises in China.
      In July 2010, Lawyer Yue Cheng was voted as Beijing Lawyer Industry Outstanding Party Members

      岳成律師受聘擔任北京大學、清華大學、中國人民大學法律碩士研究生兼職導師,吉林大學 、 黑龍江大學、中國政法大學等多家院校兼職教授。
      Lawyer Yue Cheng was appointed as a part-time tutor for students of LLM by the Law Schools of Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University and as an adjunct professor by Jilin University, Heilongjiang University and China University of Political science and Law.
      Media report
      Lawyer Yue Cheng engaged in the work of lawyer for more than 30 years, and dealt with over one thousand cases of various types. Among these cases, the powerful important include Daxingnling fire Qin Baoshan accused of negligence case, ‘Qiu Ju litigation’ original author Chen Yuanbin reputation infringement case, ‘Workers Daily’ was sued for infringement case, ‘Liuyang River’ author Xu Shuhua copyright infringement, Li Chang, core member of ‘Falungong’ using of cults to undermine the implementation of law, the former executive vice governor of Hebei Province, Cong Fukui, criminal defense case, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage salvaging Chinese Jiawu naval battle ‘Zhiyuan’ ship dispute case, CCTV ‘tell the truth’ host, Cui Yongyuan, portrait rights, the right to reputation was tort, Zhang Guijun bribery Bi Yuxi case and other nationally known cases.
      Since 1993, ‘Heilongjiang Daily’, ‘People's Daily’ (Overseas Edition), ‘Guangming Daily’, ‘Beijing Daily’, ‘Legal Daily’, ‘China Lawyers’, ‘Beijing Youth Daily’, ‘Beijing Evening News’, ‘Procuratorial Daily’, ‘People’s Court Daily’, Farmers Daily’, ‘China Industrial and Commercial Daily’ , ‘China Business News’, ‘China Construction News’, ‘China Tax News’, ‘China Financial News’, ‘China Information News’, ‘China Reform News’, ‘China HR’, ‘Chinese Consumer’, ‘Chinese Lawyer Magazine’,‘China's Quality Miles’, ‘China Comment’ and other magazines, CCTV, Beijing TV, Xinhua News Agency, China Network, Central People's Broadcasting Station, Beijing Radio, Heilongjiang Radio and other nearly 100 media on Lawyer Yue Cheng and Yue Cheng Law Firm conduct more than a thousand reports, The main reports are as follows:
      June 25th 1988, People's Fire Daily ‘in public court’
      September 15th 1993, Life Newspaper ‘Yue Cheng: want to build a lawyer tower’
      December 24th 1993, Heilongjiang Daily ‘success from the sincere and straight’
      February 26th 1994, Oriental Morning News ‘entrepreneurial million is not difficult’
      March 23rd 1994, Radio and Television Weekly ‘not jealousy is mediocrity’
      July 25th 1994, Legal Daily Front page title ‘Yue Cheng ‘every jump’ will be successful’
      August – December 1994, Heilongjiang Legal Newspaper serial number nine ‘he was running for justice’
      February 11th 1995, Chinese Lawyer's headline ‘do not live up to the trust of the folks’
      January 28th 1995, Northeast Asia Economic News ‘taking all risks and temptations for nothing’
      August 1996, China Lawyers Magazine No. 8 cover characters ‘Yue Cheng: your every jump will be successful’
      December 19th 1997, Beijing Daily ‘opening the door of Yue Cheng’
      May 7th 1998, Beijing Evening News ‘lawyer Yue crush into Beijing’
      April 15th 1998, China Tax News ‘Plum blossom from the bitter cold to visit the country's first top ten lawyers, Yue Cheng’
      February 24th 1999, China Business Times ‘according to the law of straightforward casting ‘Top Ten’- Yue Cheng: the capital" dark horse lawyer’
      April 23rd 1999, China Information News "loudly from the far - visit" the top ten lawyers "Yue Cheng"
      May 7th 1999, Shandong Economic Daily ‘according to the law to argue straight righteousness is right and wrong’
      September 1999, China Consumer Magazine No. 9 cover characters ‘Consumers to go to court to find Yue Cheng’
      June 14th 2000, Procuratorial Daily "gathered peak for Yue Zhongxin industry actually into"
      July 5th 2000, People's Daily Overseas celebrity Weekly ‘Lawyer Yue Cheng’
      November 28th 2000, Beijing Youth Daily Law Encyclopedia broadcast full-page interview ‘Yue Cheng: a lawsuit is to fight the facts, playing evidence’
      May 18th 2001, China Central Television ‘Oriental time and space &Oriental son’ broadcasting ‘the first national top ten lawyers - Yue Cheng’ special report
      May 2002, China Quality Miles magazine No. 5 ‘Oriental son, Yue Cheng’
      July 2002, Zhiyuan magazine No. 7 ‘Yue Cheng: righteousness and conscience of the special operators’
      October 2002. China Reform for eight consecutive national top ten lawyers Yue Cheng series reported: every jump will successful
      December 8th 2002, life reported the world character version of the full version of the reporting ‘Yue Cheng to lawyers to open abroad’
      December 2002, ‘Yue Fei and his descendants’, a book, Lawyer Yue Cheng interview ‘Oriental son - the first national top ten lawyers Yue Cheng’
      2003, ‘rule of law world’, a book, included Lawyer Yue Cheng interview ‘Yue Cheng - you every jump will be successful’
      August 29th 2003, Legal Service Times A2 full-page ‘Oriental Son - the first national top ten lawyers Yue Cheng’
      October 16th 2003, Xinhua ‘Oriental son: the first national top ten lawyers Yue Cheng's life road’
      November 12th 2003, Northeast network interview Lawyer Yue Cheng ‘a good job lawyer first do’
      March 15th 2004, CCTV-7 ‘Meet’ section Interview with Lawyer Yue Cheng ‘Yue Cheng: challenge cast brilliant’
      October 27th 2004, Xinhua interview the first national top ten lawyers Yue Cheng: people have a grateful heart and awe
      2005, Times Tide Magazine (People's Daily Supplement) ‘Defense in accordance with the law in the coordinates of the point’
      May 27th 2005, China Network ‘the first national top ten lawyers, Yue Cheng: investment scholarship return society’
      June 2005, China Quality Miles magazine No. 6 ‘in the prosperity of the industry for the right endorsement’
      June 2nd 2005 Legal Daily ‘Yue Cheng and his lawyers and daughters’
      July 2005, ‘approached the Chinese barristers’, a book, Lawyer Yue Cheng interview: ‘feel fear of strict self-discipline’
      July 19th 2005, Guangming Daily ‘Yue Cheng lawyer's education complex’
      August 10th 2005, Beijing Youth Daily character magazine full-page report ‘Yue Cheng: full confidence in the rule of law’
      September 22nd 2005, Heilongjiang Daily ‘Yue Cheng: leave the country ten years good news is not broken’
      December 19th 2005, People's Network reproduced CCTV-7 ‘similar’ reported ‘National Top Ten lawyers: Yue Cheng style’
      December 24th 2005, China Business News Interview with Lawyer Yue Cheng ‘a lawyer's founding concept’
      December 29th 2005, Xinhua Network interview famous lawyer Yue Cheng ‘discernment’ perspective social hot spots
      November 2006, Chinese talent magazine cover characters No. 11 ‘Yue Cheng: integrity stand for independence into a Yue’
      December 2006, Global Chinese business magazine ‘from the son of the farmers to the son of the East revealed Lawyer Yue Chenglegend life’
      January 2007, Democracy and Legal Journal No. 1 ‘Yue Cheng: Famous Attorneys' Views’
      January 31st 2007, ‘Beijing Weekly’ ‘Yue Cheng: from farmers to barristers’
      June 2007, reporter observed magazine No. 6 ‘the first national top ten lawyers Yue Cheng's media legend’
      2007, Urban Construction Magazine ‘Yue Cheng’s fifteen years’
      October 25th 2007, justice network ‘Yue Cheng: grateful feelings of fear’
      November 5th 2007, Procuratorial Daily ‘Yue Cheng's bitter and bitter’
      March 29th 2008, China Broadcasting Network ‘Yue Cheng law firm to donate millions of awards to teach’
      April 25th 2008, Western Times local thematic full-page report ‘training - the penetration of thought’
      November 3rd 2008, People's Education ‘gathered peak for Yue Zhongxin industry actually into’
      June 2009, first issue; ‘21st century global characters’ ‘heritage Long business spirit to build a harmonious business’
      Shangri - la magazine ‘Yue Cheng: authoritarianism and passion is not contradictory’
      2009, China Business Network ‘Yue Cheng: from the son of farmers to the son of the East’
      2010, China Information News 001 No. 6 version of the legal system time and space ‘Yue Cheng every leap will be successful’
      April 12th 2012, Guangming Daily 13 version of ‘Yue Cheng: holding the sword of justice’
      2014, the editor-in-chief of the China National Times and the editor-in-chief of the China Quality Inspection Newspaper Association, Mr. Yu Yukui, ‘The Yellow River to the East - Yue Chengzhi’
      July 2014, Vitality magazine ‘Yue Cheng: sing the song of the spirit of Chinese lawyers’
      June 28th 2016, China Business Times ‘industry conscience rely on the three doctrine - and Yue Cheng law firm founder Yue Cheng dialogue’